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commonwealth games 2014
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RE: commonwealth games 2014
Tue, Jul 22 2014 8:18 AM

Yes I agree. There doesn't seem to be the same scrutiny as the Olympics. From memory I think we had this discussion four years ago.
There is a 'fairness' issue here. Not necessarily a 'rights' issue but definitely a ' what is the criteria' issue.
From the outside in it looks like a boys club as some of the people who are there are not with sporting teams. And that is bewildering.

People say I'm bias........

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commonwealth games 2014
Wed, Jul 16 2014 6:33 AM

Here we go again. How the bloody hell are we supposed to get chosen for the commonwealth games team!!
There are people treating who never ever travel with sport and havent done so for years! This is aboys club!
I thought you were supposed to be travelling and working with sport to go to such events. This is bullshit. Who the bloody hell picks these teams?